My REFIT® Journey in Photos (So Far)…

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My REFIT® Journey started early in the morning on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. I awoke to hearing these words in my spirit, “Google ‘dance fitness certification.'” Then the words, “Google ‘Christian dance certification.'” As a result of being obedient to that direction I learned of REFIT®. I then spent the rest of the week researching everything I could find about the program and the founders. Less than a week later, I was making a trip to the Founders’ Studio in Waco, Texas.

  • First visit to REFIT® Studio in Waco to check it out on August 3, 2015. Not having ever seen the choreography, Angela called me to the stage to dance with her during Mariah Carey’s Emotions:

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  • Third visit to REFIT® Studio in Waco in preparation for certification on September 15, 2015. I was asked to lead a routine so I led Toby Mac’s Feel It:

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  • RECON (REFIT®’s First Annual Convention) October 23 and 24, 2015:
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Our DFW Posse was quickly formed and friendships established.


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Encouraged to perform the Whoa Dance in front of everyone when asked for volunteers. I did not volunteer, rather others “volunteered” me.
  • New Instructor Certification on October 25, 2015:


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Fun times recording Queen’s We Will Rock You for YouTube.


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The week following RECON/Certification with Tammy Bartlett…

  • Fun times at the Waco Studio on October 27, 2015 (and afterwards):
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Tammy working on choreography while on our way to Waco.
Silliness starts.
REFIT® Feels Like Hair (I mean, Home)!
Learning Church Clap in our pjs at midnight. Silliness had kicked in!
Learning Church Clap in our pjs at midnight. Silliness had kicked in!
  • In Temple, Texas with Jana Whitaker. First time to co-lead a routine as a new instructor on October 28, 2015:




  • Led Feel It in Longview, Texas at Vicki Neibert’s class. Other amazing instructors such as Julie Stewart and my certification-sister new instructor Rox-Ann Norman on October 29, 2015:

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  • At Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship with Joanna Cline’s class along with instructor Stefanie Litzler and my certification-sister new instructor Angela Ritsema on October 31, 2015:



Doors opened quickly and my dream to conduct my own classes began much sooner than I had imagined. I’m in my happy-place, feeling fulfilled! My participants are truly THE BEST and I’m absolutely in love with each and every one of them!

  • Started conducting three classes per week with REFIT® at North Point on January 4, 2016 (three weeks later a fourth class was added):


  • Led a class with the assistance of Dyanna Groves at Saginaw Anytime Fitness’ Heart Health Fitness Fair for the American Heart Association on February 6, 2016:


Deb and Dy REFIT® Sisters

  • Just six months after visiting the REFIT® Studio for the very first time, I subbed a Saturday class for the REFIT® Studio in Waco on February 13, 2016:


DSR_20160214REFIT® deb20

DSR_20160214REFIT® deb22

DSR_20160214REFIT® deb40

DSR_20160214REFIT® deb54

DSR_20160214REFIT® deb75

  • Participated in a get-together with the most amazing REFIT® Instructors (and Instructors-to-be) from Louisiana and East Texas (and Dallas’ Mica Petersen) in Bossier City, LA on February 20, 2016 hosted by Lisa Arendell:
We had Q&A time.
We learned choreography to record for the REFIT® Moves Page.
We took turns leading routines.



Time for a group shot!
Food, fun and fellowship is a part of building Community!
  • To cap off the first six months, REFIT® featured my journey on their social media platforms – it was an honor and I’m humbled at yet another opportunity to touch lives and inspire others to reach their goals!

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All of this in just six months with REFIT®!

Excitement for what is ahead in the future is an understatement of the emotions I feel. I’m willing and ready for what’s waiting.


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