My REFIT® Journey in Photos (Part Two)

It’s amazing how fast time flies when one is truly having fun and loving what they do. That last statement describes my life perfectly.

I just celebrated my first REFITbirthday as a certified instructor! As I reflect on the last six months, since my last post, I am feeling like a whirlwind just blew me into another dimension. Everything has happened so fast. So beautifully fast. Let me see if I can recount it all…

  • Right after my final photo in Part One, this was published on the REFIT® Facebook page. Another big honor to be featured.


  • The beginning of April consisted of growth. The first three New Instructors birthed from the classes I’d been holding happened in Waco at the New Instructor Training. I went there to “give birth” to three and came home with one additional. She was adopted into our North Fort Worth family and it was love at first sight.. These girls truly have my heart!





  • In June, Angela and Catherine (two of the REFIT® founders) were invited to participate in a local and large Dance Fundraiser called Rock the Red, hosted by DFW Dance Fitness in Arlington. A handful of instructors came together to support them, including my hubby who helped out at the Merch Table while the girls danced.



  • A week later, hubby and I headed to Houston for a Master Class and New Instructor Training. It was at that event when the infamous #hashtagkatiecurry came into my life in a whole new way. #bondedforlife13680879_10208024727470834_1221364740289892286_n





  • Another beautiful thing happened in Houston – another birth of a New Instructor from my classes! I love helping others grow!


  • Next on this wild ride called Life came #robertsonroadtripandrefit16. My sweet hubby and I traveled in and out of 15 states and two countries in a span of two weeks. Of course it would not be complete without stopping in Terre Haute, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio for a little REFIT® dancing and visit with my sisters! 






  • Not even a week after our return from our trip across America, we were in the car again. This time going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to another Master Class and Instructor Training. More friendships were made and bonds formed. What a beautiful bunch of people!



  • In addition to dancing the night away and being a part of witnessing so many new instructors join our Revolution, we had wild, wacky (and did I say wild?) times after hours. 



  • This included a private demo of shirt cutting by the one and only ClaireScissorHands herself!



  • We also had the honor of celebrating #hashtagkatiecurry’s birthday with her…



  • August consisted of a mini-family reunion with a handful of the DFW area REFIT® instructors when we met in Waco to join two precious fellow-instructors who were visiting from Indiana. We not only had the opportunity to dance together, lead the class together, but also we met early to record a YouTube video for REFIT® Official Choreography together.



screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-6-36-23-pm 14021543_10208293408867511_2856352843410475471_n


  • The end of September, my sweet hubby and I were off again for another adventure. This time to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I think we both left a little of our hearts. My beautiful friend and mentor (see Part One and right after RECON 15) hosted a REFIT® Rockstar Royalty fundraiser to benefit the Baton Rouge Flood Restoration process. refit-rockstar-royalty-5





14495324_10208599116390198_7455886191801863769_n 14462727_10208620981056801_1893072733902335438_n

  • The past year has held so many wonderful experiences including witnessing and being a part of many classes being launched by my friends and new instructors. Other fitness formats may feel competitive or threatened when new instructors launch classes in their local area, but not in REFIT®. We rejoice, support and thrive in having others in our community begin their own businesses and ministries. 

img_4668 img_6142







  • So many friends, so much family!
  • The weekend before the celebration of my first REFITbirthday, we traveled to Waco for yet another Live Class and New Instructor Training where two more from my classes were certified. My heart is FULL!







  • One more very exciting thing happened this year. Something I could not have imagined happening at this stage of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of one day owning a dance studio. One of the first instructors who got certified from my classes back in April has desired to own her own business. After spending time together, getting to know each other and finding out how are strengths and weakness compliment each other, we made a decision. On August 31st Christi McCraw and I formed a partnership and LLC for a Dance Fitness Studio that will begin operation in 2017. Studio 4 the Willing: Home of REFIT® in North Fort Worth!

14310517_1000975456691363_6089857715597515870_o studio_4_logo

With all the excitement of 2016 and the first year of being a REFIT® Instructor, I’m more than excited to see what the next year holds. All I had back in October of 2015 when I received my Instructor Certification was a willing heart to be obedient to the direction I believed the Lord was guiding me into. Since that day every step as been one of obedience and what has developed is a passion for people and this community called REFIT®. I have turned into a REFIT® Passionista and #dancingpreacher and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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