My REFIT® Glory Story: Passion Lives On Part 3

This Part Three of my testimony and how REFIT® has come into my life. I’m so excited to share this wonderful cardio fitness program with you and our classes are going to rock – literally!

If you’d like to get to know a little about your Instructor, check out this post:

Photos and Facets

This is Part 3 continued from yesterday. If you’ve not read that post, you may want to start at the beginning with Part 1.

Chapter Thirteen: A New life, a True Lifestyle Change

March 7, 2014, is a day marked in my mind and in history as the beginning of a new life for both myself and my hubby. We had received some very godly and wise counsel from a friend on how to make true lifestyle changes. As we began to implement these changes, our new beginning and our new life started to emerge. I had reached the point of disgust with myself. My hubby had just returned from a trip where he recalls sitting on the plane ride home in misery. He’s 6’3″ and with those long legs, flying coach is not comfortable especially since he was carrying about 60 pounds more than his body was made to carry.

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